Khamis, 13 Ogos 2009

Eat More, Weigh Less: Is It Possible?

Never quite feel full enough after a meal? Eat more! You heard me right: You can eat more and still lose weight. It’s called the volumetric diet, the approach to dieting that allows you to fill up on more volume of food while still eating fewer calories overall.

No, you don’t get to gorge yourself on fatty snacks and calorie-rich desserts. Rather, you fill up on foods that are low in calories, rich in nutrients, high in fiber, and that supply plenty of water. Fruits and vegetables are perfect examples of volumetric foods. You can eat a huge bowl of fresh fruit for only a fraction of the calories that the same size bowl of ice cream would be, yet you’ll still get to indulge your sweet tooth.

Broth- and tomato-based soups are another great volumetric food, as are beans. A bowl of chili made with lean ground turkey, black, kidney and chili beans, stewed tomatoes, and fresh corn will cost you only about 200 calories per one cup serving. But the real beauty of it is you’ll feel like you just had a 500-calorie meal. Now that’s what I call diet food!

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