Isnin, 18 Mei 2009

Diet Tips Of Today : Count Fiber, Not Calories

Counting calories may be an accurate way to track daily energy intake, but doing so day in and day out can be a cumbersome task! Fortunately, there’s an alternative to the calorie-counting method that I often recommend: Keep a close eye on daily fiber intake instead. The truth is, increasing and monitoring fiber intake works almost as well as calorie counting – and it’s easier to manage. Why? As you strive to get more fiber, you’ll automatically begin choosing healthier foods and consuming fewer calories, as foods high in fiber (such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains) are typically lower in calories as well. Increasing fiber intake will also help you move toward your fat-loss goals by slowing the digestion process and keeping blood sugar and insulin at bay throughout the day. Bottom line: If you want to effectively manage your calorie intake but hate the idea of counting every calorie you eat, shoot for 35 grams of fiber each day!

To your body transformation success,
Joel Marion

Antara tips yang paling aku suka..sebab kadang2 aku rasa tertekan gak bile mengira kalori jek,,,so alternatif lain selain daripada mengira kalori adalah dengan mengira kandungan serat yang kita ambil..sebab serat kebanyakkan mempunyai kalori yang yang penting adalah portion size...."bersederhanalah ketika makan"....

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