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Revealed! 20 Easy Ways to Cut 100 Calories

Ada 20 cara untuk mengurangkan 100 kalori daripada jumlah kalori anda setiap hari...mengurangkan 100 kalori dalam setahun dapat menurunkan berat badan anda sebanyak 10 paun. Berbaloi bukan???. Cuba lihat langkah-langkah di bawah, mungkin ada yang boleh anda praktikkan. Antaranya;

By :
Kim Droze, Special to LifeScript

1. Write It Off. Keep a food log to track every morsel you put in your mouth. You won’t have any doubt where those extra calories are coming from when you see your caloric intake in black and white.

2. Eat Big in the A.M. Binge-proof your day with a big breakfast to prevent mid-morning and lunchtime snack attacks. And don’t sabotage the rest of your day by making the wrong choice at Starbucks. A Venti (20-ounce) latté adds 375 extra calories to your morning. Opt for non-fat milk in your coffee and skip the sugary sweeteners.

3. Best Foot Forward. Wear a pedometer to keep track of how many calories you burn a day. Just 2,000 to 2,500 steps will slash 100 calories.

4. Snooze to Lose. Go to bed earlier. You’ll be well rested and less likely to raid the refrigerator due to nighttime boredom. Remember that one Chip’s Ahoy cookie you sneak in before bed will set you back 80 calories.

5. Go Green. Add vegetables to every meal. Fill up on high-fiber foods that don’t tack on too many calories.

6. Meet PAM. Using vegetable spray instead of butter or margarine saves 100 calories a tablespoon.

7. Walk the Talk. Riding a stationary bike while you’re chatting on the phone for 25 minutes will burn 100 calories.

8. See the Lite. Opting for light menu choices, such as grilled chicken or fish and steamed vegetables, can easily eliminate 100 calories or more in a single sitting.

9. Beware Biggie Burgers. One half pound of ground beef will cost you 800 calories without any toppings at a fast-food chain. Go for a lean roast beef sandwich as a slimmer solution.

10. Brown-Bag It. Resist temptation to eat out every day. By bringing your lunch, you’ll easily dodge racking up the calories with fast food or restaurant offerings.

11. Bubbles Can Bust a Binge. After a stressful day, it’s easy to reach for that 300-calorie, soul-soothing snack. Better to unwind in a bubble bath. Even a glass of champagne (150 calories) is cheaper, calorie-wise.

12. Restraint is Key. Lose the minibar key. Those snacks and drinks often become dinner when far from home. Drop the key behind the couch, throw it underneath the bed or return it to the front desk. You’ll save at least 100 calories from bypassing the bar.

13. Work Out, Then Eat Out. Exercise before you dine out. Your mind will be focused on how healthy your body feels and you’ll be more likely to order sensibly. Working out before you eat also helps control your appetite. And it also gives you an extra metabolic boost that’ll help you put your meal to better use.

14. Join the Snack Squad. The workplace is a danger zone, especially when it comes to high-calorie, high-fat catered lunches. Helping plan a corporate breakfast is an opportunity to order fresh fruit instead of super-sized sweet treats.

15. Keep it Brief. Hide a piece of fruit in your briefcase for those times when hunger strikes. With fresh fruits or vegetables at your disposal, you’ll be less likely to make a beeline for the snack machine.

16. Log Your Miles. Make the most of your airport layover with luggage calisthenics. Instead of loitering in concourse bars, restaurants or coffee shops, stroll the concourse with your carry-ons. Think of the calories you’ll torch touring the terminal.

17. Bite Into a Brownie Every Friday. If you’re used to a nightly snack, downsize those indulgences to a once a week ”cheat.” Reward yourself just once. You’ll have something to look forward to throughout the week, and you’ll cut at least 100 calories from the other six days.

18. Strategize Your Sweets. Don’t waste valuable stomach space on high-cal foods you don’t care about. At parties, eat only your favorite foods and take a pass on anything you consider a secondhand snack.

19. Bar None. Say goodbye to bar hopping. A friendly Round-Robin happy hour at friends’ homes will give you more control over food and drink choices.

20. Going to the Dogs. Taking Fido for a stroll three times a day for 15 minutes will burn 100 calories each time. You’ll also add about 6,000 steps to your day.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is a fabulous body. Remember, 100 calories a day equals 10 pounds in a year; which could mean 10 extra, or 10 less pounds – your choice! Take it one small, baby step at a time – 100 calories here, 100 calories there – and sooner than later you’ll have the body you always wanted.

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